NNR Sticker / Decal Pack

Image of NNR Sticker / Decal Pack

Reflective Vinyl Decal & Stickers

- One of each of the Vinyl Decals
- Three of the Black / White Cog Sticker

Instruction for Decals:
Please make time to use the decals.
Do not rush. We do not reccomend putting on the decals while outdoors.

- clean desired area for placement
- make sure it’s dry
- peel off the top layer (clear) slowly and make sure the vinyl is attached to the clear layer.
- be extra careful when peeling off the cog decal because of the details. Especially the cog!
- place on desired place and rub it in making sure it sticks onto your bike or whatever you decide to place it on
- peel off the clear layer slowly

Any questions. Feel free to reach out