NNR x Cub & Co Transit Camera Strap

Image of NNR x Cub & Co Transit Camera Strap
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*** all orders placed on July 8th, will be shipped out on July 14th

The Transit Camera Strap designed for cyclist & creative people on the go. This leather strap is design to keep your camera in place while on the bicycle or any form of transportation.

Our two main features is our adaptable harness system, and wrist strap. The adjustable harness strap goes under your left arm, and around your back. You're able to fully remove the strap if you're not planning to have a lot of movement. The strap can also turn into a wrist strap for your shoot convenience. While holding the camera like you're about to take a photograph. The right side of the strap is detachable and becomes the wrist strap.

The leather might be stiff at first, like a pair of new denim jeans or leather boots. Please use it as much as possible (Shoot more) and the leather will age in time.

- Design & Handmade in New York.
- 100% Latigo leather, cowhide.
- Small numbers made, limited quantities
- Able to hold any weight of camera / photography / film equipment

Feel free to reach out to any of us if you have any specific questions or concerns.